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What will I get from Colona?

Find a similar column

     - "My column does not separate well anymore and the production is waiting for the
        results...", or:

     - "My supplier has delivery problems just with this particular material", or:

     - "This column fails during validation - I need quickly an alternative
          column with features as similar to the existing column as possible".

So you are looking for a column similar to the existing one - the RP-Column-Finder helps you.

Also possible: Use the selectivity map to get an overview of the maximum similarity. Or find columns that differ most from each other.

Select a column

     - "I was recommended this column - what "can" this column do?"

     - "I am looking for a column that can separate sertain substances according to my

     - "I am looking for a column that is selective for both small, polar isomers and
        large, apolar aromatics".

Exactly for such cases "Your Question" was developed.

You have little time and need quick information, e.g:

      - "Which columns on the market are hydrophobic and which are medium

      - "And which ones are the most polar?"

      - "What is the functional group on the surface of this column?"

"Quintessence" and "Brief Column Characteristics" provide answers here.

      - "Which column has the largest specific surface or pore diameter" (you have an
        “awkward” matrix or your main component is a large molecule)"?

Look at the physico-chemical properties of the columns in the Table (details).

- Unknown sample, little information - how do I start?"

Here you get tips for choosing column and eluent

... and much more.

- Characteristics of Colona: Self-conducted measurements, different chromatographic
  conditions, 50 different analytes, various tests, strict criteria, numerous of

- 147 columns (as of 2021, regular updates)                                                       Back